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Working experience in Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Lebanon

The heart of Europe

Our engineering team has more than 30 years of experience in the project management of curtain wall and cladding constructions. Working as freelancer, in the worlds’ biggest cities, like Paris, London, Dubai, Beirut, Luxembourg, Brussels, Warsaw or Rotterdam, we achieved some of the most challenging and famous buildings.

In 2008, we founded FAMELUX s.à.r.l. in Luxemburg that specializes in the engineering, project and site management of cladding, metal, and glass constructions. A few years later, our team expanded its activities and created FAMELUX MONTAGE s.à.r.l. that specializes in installation.

Meanwhile, our engineers, designers, site manager and installers work together to cover the entire process from the design development to the successful handover of a wide range of projects: cladding, smart balustrades, active ceilings, and façades.

Cladding Solutions in Luxembourg
Famelux offers complete solutions that cover the engineering, designing, project and site management, installation, and after-sale maintenance

By offering complete solutions that cover the engineering, designing, project and site management, installation, and after-sale maintenance, we provide high quality end-product in efficient time and cost saving delays.

Additionally, our communication skills and very good knowledge of the main languages (English, French, German and Dutch) in Luxemburg contribute to the smooth interaction and collaboration with the clients, the architects, and the different contractors present on site.

FameLux Montage

Design through to implementation 
Complete Solutions

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Our Team

We are a dedicated team of engineers, site managers and a task team for installation.
Our team delivers the highest quality build,
thanks to each and every one on board.

Steve Smeyers Founder and Manager Famelux

Steve Smeyers
Founder and Manager
Ir. Uni KU Leuven (B)

Hans Meyer Cladding Expert and Engineer at Famelux

Hans Meyers
Founder and Manager
Dipl.Ing. Hoge Zuyd NL

Yara Kassab, Famelux

Yara Kassab
Head of PR, Recruitment and Marketing

Jean-Christophe Pillet, Site Manager FAMELUX

Jean-Christophe Pillet
Founder Famelux Montage
and site manager

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